This site is currently under development and will be updated the coming months. Marineforecast.nl aims to provide high quality images of daily forecasts of weather, waves and currents. The images below give an indication of what you can expect (click image to get the high resolution version of the image).

In the near future, we'll give users the possibility to have forecasts for their own specific areas (of minimum extend) published on this site.

As this service is a new initiative and under development, we would like to hear from you. Feedback is highly appreciated and we're looking for users that are interested to participate. Please let us know if you want more information by sending an e-mail to: info(at)marineforecast.nl.

The Development Team


Southern North Sea

Pressure field Vector+wind Vector+pressure

Northern Atlantic

Pressure field Vector+wind Vector+pressure

South East Asia

Pressure field Vector+wind Vector+pressure